Best Live Chat : ClickDesk

Best is the one which fulfils your requirement. 

I believe that this product is better than most of the other available solutions at the moment because it is able to fulfil requirements of a very broad range of businesses. Let’s have a look on the features to see what puts it ahead of the rest:

1. Complete package of multi-channel customer engagement tools: It is not just live chat but comes with helpdesk, voice chat and social tool bar. All these are really essential tools for any business so why not have them all in a simple magic box of ClickDesk. 


2. IM Integration: You can integrate it with your IM and answer your customers without login to ClickDesk. It supports all major IMs (Google Talk, Skype etc). 
3. Real-time customer information:With ClickDesk’s new webchat feature, you can see your website visitors on a real-time map. Initiate a chat in their local language to give it a more personalized touch.


4. Plugins and Integrations: It offers integration with most of the major tools you will be using for your business i.e Agile CRM , Sugar CRM, Nimble CRM, Salseforce, Zendesk, Freshbook, Capsule, Zoho, MailChimp and plugins for Joomla, WordPress, Weebly, Prestashop, Bigcommerce and many more.  

5. No Downtime:To give guarantee, you must believe in your product and infrastructure. ClickDesk provides 99.95% uptime guarantee to every customer. 

6. Support:Customers support is really great and are always ready to help you. Our customers are always happy with our support team. 

7.API: ClickDesk provides you an awesome range of APIs. You can choose to work with JavaScript API and Rest API. 

8.Transparent and flexible pricing plans: ClickDesk provides one of the best Pay-as-You-Grow model which is admired by thousands of our happy customers. No need to pay any extra amount. We also offer free forever plan so you can use ClickDesk without any time limit and pay when you are fully satisfied.   

There are still lots of features left which I have not mentioned here.ClickDesk has over 80,000 customers from more than 120 countries in less than 2 years. Check it out on their website Help Desk Software, Live Chat, Support Software

Future of Live chat

When live chat was introduced, it was only a window for customers to get instant information. But now as the time has passed, a lot of the features have been introduced. You have voice chat, social tool bar, webchat, language customization, pop up or separate window options. We also have real-time visitor tracking on world map so you can know more about your customers, their locations etc. Surely it has come a long way but there is a lot more yet to come.
I think features which should come with live chat in future could be:

1. HelpDesk : When the problem is not instantly solvable, customer should be able to get a ticket so that he can ask about his complaint with ticket number only. For eg. ClickDesk Help Desk Software, Live Chat, Support Software  provides this features and others have integration options available. 

2. File sharing : If a customer wants to send a file to the agent or the agent wants to refer to a problem with just a snapshot, this facility will be good.  

3. Real Time language translation: If my customers are across the globe, then my support team should know multiple languages but that is either very expensive or nearly impossible. So the best would be real time language translation. It would be really helpful for multi-lingual customer base businesses. 

4. Multi device support : As the use of smartphones, tablets are increasing exponentially, a lot of customers are visiting websites through these devices. So the live chat window should automatically resize according to the device. It will help the customer to browse through your website without any interruption. 

5. Better integration with other customer oriented software: Many live chat providers are offering integration with all the major CRMs. For eg. ClickDesk provides integration with AgileCRM Online CRM with Marketing Automation, Salesforce Automation, Social Suite and Web Analytics, Sugar CRM  etc but these are mostly available in high end plans which makes it difficult for small and nascent businesses to get benefit out of such integration. 

What do you think ? What are the features that you would like to see in future ? Let me know.